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NAPA launches new web service to monitor fleet performance

NAPA launches new web service to monitor fleet performance
Maritime software provider NAPA has launched a new concept of ship performance monitoring utilising cloud-based web service to deliver efficiency data for any type of ships.

The new web service, named NAPA Fleet Intelligence, offers quick and easy access to high-accuracy performance monitoring for any vessel, regardless of ownership or charterer, NAPA announced.

Naoki Mizutani, executive vice president of NAPA Shipping Solutions commented: “Charterers, shipowners and managers have to resolve dozens of conflicting priorities on a daily basis. Productivity, efficient operations, transparency and close scrutiny of costs are more important than ever. Yet, for owners with limited liquid assets and charterers with short term contracts to it is neither easy nor cost-effective to install and implement on-board performance monitoring.

“By ensuring highly accurate ship efficiency data is accessible with a very low barrier to entry, requiring only a web browser and a subscription, NAPA Fleet Intelligence will democratise the use of ship performance data across the industry,” Mizutani said.

NAPA Fleet Intelligence reports have been verified against real-world ship performance data collected by NAPA’s onboard vessel performance monitoring systems, and accuracy was found to average around 95%.

NAPA said this level of accuracy will help owners, operators and charterers to assess fleet efficiency and make informed decisions on how to improve it further. The data received can be used for a variety of functions; for instance, tracking fuel consumption, evaluating a ship’s operational performance, or evaluating the effect of environmental conditions.

“We see this as a game changer, making the shift to data-driven business decisions possible for any maritime business, which is in line with our mission to improve safety and efficiency of the whole industry,” Mizutani said.

Available through a scaling subscription depending on the number of ships customers require data on, the NAPA Fleet Intelligence delivers voyage-by-voyage analysis of fuel efficiency for any conventionally powered vessel dating back as far as January 2015.

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