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One crew member injured in hijack of Dynacom tanker

One crew member injured in hijack of Dynacom tanker
One crew member was injured in the hijacking the Dynacom Tankers Management vessel Kerala off Angola on 18 January.

Giving further details on the hijacking while repeating that all crew members were alive and accounted for when the vessel was found on 26 January, the Greek company added, “but one is wounded and all have clearly been affected by their ordeal”.

Following reports from the Angolan Navy that the attack had been staged by the crew, Dynacom stated that it was clearly a pirate attack from an early stage.

“We lost contact with the vessel on 18 January 2014. “We instigated our emergency response procedures and engaged professionals experienced in dealing with these type of incidents to assist us. It quickly became apparent that we were dealing with a piracy incident and that the vessel had been hijacked,” Dynacom said.

According to the company are large amount of the 74,999 dwt vessel’s cargo was stolen and the hijacking is now under international investigation.

“Representatives of international law enforcement and intelligence agencies that are experienced in dealing with piracy incidents will be attending on board to gather intelligence and forensic evidence from the vessel and crew in order to try to bring to justice those that perpetrated this crime on our vessel and our people,” the company said.