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Reducing plastic waste at sea with drinking water filtration

Helping to reduce the use of plastics at sea Flowsafe Technologies has developed a combined drinking water and disinfection unit for use on board vessels.

The FlowSafe DCD2000 unit uses commercial level pre-filtration in front of specially selected ultra-filtration and is designed to cater to all sizes of vessels. Use of the unit eliminates the need to carry bottled drinking water on vessels thereby reducing plastic waste at sea.

“It was made clear to us that what was wanted was a unit that delivered ‘no plastics at sea to save the environment while maintaining the health of the seafarer’,” said Mark Hadfield, ceo of Flow Water Technologies.

The company said the system had been developed in collaboration with undisclosed shipowners and shipmanagers.

“The disinfection part of FlowSafe DCD2000 ensures endless amounts of cleaning and disinfection control to clean and sanitise all the drinking water units along with endless amounts of liquid to clean the whole crew quarters of the vessel including the galley,” said Hadfield.

The system has already been awarded approval certificates and will be demonstrated at the Maritime Cyprus 2019 Conference.