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Smart Fleet Project chooses Furuno for voyage analysis

Smart Fleet Project chooses Furuno for voyage analysis
The Smart Fleet Operation Project, a joint initiative betwen NYK, NYK-owned Monohakobi Technology Institute (MTI) and Kawasaki Technology, has chosen Furuno hardware for performance measurement.

The $6m project, funded by the partners as well as the Japanese Government and ClassNK, targets a 10% decrease in the fuel consumption and carbon emissions associated with ship operation.

Furuno supplies its voyage data architecture, Furuno Open Platform (FOP) which consists of a standalone unit aboard-ship, collating vessel data such as VDR output, engine data, fuel consumption figures, navigation and other aspects of vessel operation, before transmitting it over Furuno’s SafeComNet mobile satellite services.

From there on, the data is sent to NYK’s operation centre in Singapore, and to MTI, for technical analysis. Patterns in ship operations are identified using Furuno’s FOP viewer, and efficiencies can be identified and implemented.