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Building and Operating Dual-Fuel Vessels

Free webinar: Building & Operating Dual-Fuel Vessels
In this interactive webinar "Building & Operating Dual-Fuel Vessels", you will learn about the challenges and potential solutions to operating dual-fuel vessels and optimising vessel performance through the use of smart technologies.

Most in shipping are used to operating in the single-fuel environment, mostly heavy fuel oils (HFO) but this is rapidly changing with the shift of dual-fuel vessels, first and foremost LNG and HFO, with other fuels such as ammonia under development.

Join our live discussion to hear about:

The Challenges of Dual-Fuel Vessels

In this webinar the participants will discuss the design and building of dual-fuel vessels and the process of working engine makers and yards on these innovative designs and bringing them into service.

The webinar will also examine the challenges in terms of operations compared to traditional vessels and crew training to ensure that dual-fuel engines are operated safely and efficiently, including maintenance and bunkering. Participants will also look at how lessons learned from the move into LNG dual-fuel operations can be applied to other fuel types.

Digitalisation & Smart Operations

Bringing a ship’s carbon footprint to zero is not just about the fuels; vessel operating efficiency will be paramount in a future of potentially more expensive and less energy-dense fuels. Digitalisation, data management and optimisation can bring significant gains in efficiency and emissions reduction. Participants discuss the available technologies, and the challenges in data quality and analysis to achieve significant results..

Charterers Role in Moving the Needle on Emissions and Advancing “Smarter” Shipping

Charterers have placed emission as their utmost priority to be addressed, introducing initiatives such as the Sea Cargo Charter, making transport efficiency and emissions transparency a key performance indicator for any vessel operator. Panelists will discuss how charterers can leverage on dual-fuel vessels to mitigate immediate decarbonization impacts and further optimization of smart technology to provide transparent and measurable data, generating the reports and insights needed to contribute towards smarter and sustainable shipping for charterers.

Register for Building & Operating Dual-Fuel Vessels Thursday, February 24, 2022 | 9am GMT / 5pm MYT

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