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IDENTEC SOLUTIONS upgrades Terminal Tracker hardware components for enhanced functionality

The optimised Shock Sensor VSM400 enables Terminal Operators to monitor all kind of shock events in their fleet for better operational safety and process improvements.

Lustenau, Austria – IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, leading supplier of innovative wireless solutions, now upgrades their Terminal Tracker solution with an improved Shock Sensor VSM 400. It serves to detect shocks and bumps but also to be used as a compass

The new generation of the tried and tested solution excites with excites with industry's latest design standards and optimized field data capture. With an efficient configuration mode, the powerful solution is tailored to the needs of terminal operators around the world.  

The new Shock Sensor will be used in future Terminal Tracker installations. As the VSM400 hardware is compatible with the old Shock Sensor made by IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, it can retrofit or scale existing installations. 

"The state-of-the-art Shock Sensor VSM400 comes with more robust components and industry standard connectors", says Marcus Pereira, Product Manager of Terminal Tracker at IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, "and, therefore, will serve us well in the comming years."  

The Shock Sensor VSM400 can be used to monitor shocks in the vehicle itself and/or in parts of it (such as the spreader). The hardware sensitivity can be tuned to increase or reduce the range of shock events that will be captured by the product - shocks can be generated by collision, but also by bumps and more general situations in the operation of the vehicle. 

The compass is a new functionality of VSM400. By changing its configuration, this new piece of hardware can work as a Shock Sensor or a compass. When used in a Terminal Tracker environment, the compass can provide important data to the vehicle monitoring service.  

The VSM400 was built by IDENTEC SOLUTIONS in close co-operation with global crane manufacturer Konecranes, one of Identec’s biggest customer of the Shock Sensor.