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Liberian Registry launches automated PSC risk assessment system

The Liberian Registry has developed and released a dynamic Detention Prevention Programme (DPP).

The DPP is an automated Port State Control (PSC) risk assessment system that focuses on preparedness before Liberian vessels enter into port and the tool and platform is offered to Liberian-flagged ships free of charge.

The Registry said that the DPP is the first of its kind offered by any Flag State. The system aggregates data from across the industry, including Flag State data, Port State data and Class Society data, for a PSC boarding analysis of its entire fleet in real-time.

The system calculates and assigns a PSC boarding risk category to all 4,500+ Liberian-flagged vessels, which allows Liberia to focus its efforts on vessels that are more likely to have a PSC boarding, detention or deficiency. The score for each vessel adjusts in real time based on the port which the vessel is entering.

“For instance, a vessel may be categorised as low risk for boarding in Singapore, while the same vessel may be high risk for boarding in Houston. Each PSC MoU, each country and each port have their own specific requirements and their own PSC trends that the system considers when determining a vessel’s risk score,” the Registry said.

“We are proud to be recognised as the most technologically advanced flag, and we continually invest in technologies that help save our shipowners time and money,” said Alfonso Castillero, coo of the Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry (LISCR), the US-based manager of the Liberian Registry

 LISCR saw an increase in detentions in the US in 2019 and decided “to invest in an early detection system that was dynamic, smart and easy to use…This massive investment and sea-change in the way we proactively pre-vet Liberian vessel arrivals has yielded great results and a 54% drop in detentions in the US. This system will facilitate a fast return to Qualship 21 status, and ensure our continued top positioning on the White Lists of the Tokyo and Paris MOU’s,” added Castillero.

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