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Launch of UECC’s first LNG battery hybrid car carrier

Photos: UECC UECC LNG/battery hybrid car carrier launch at Jiangnan Shipyard
The first of UECC’s LNG battery hybrid car carriers has been launched at Jiangnan Shipyard, China.

UECC already operates two LNG-powered pure car truck carriers (PCTCs) and has put on an emphasis on reducing carbon emissions today using currently available technologies. The first in a series of three hybrid LNG battery powered PCTCs represents a continuation of this drive.

“With the launch of our first LNG battery hybrid PCTC, we are ushering in a new era for UECC and short sea shipping in Europe,” said Glenn Edvardsen, CEO in UECC. “These ships prove that decarbonization of the industry is possible using currently available technologies.”

UECC says the hybrid ships will be able to “well exceed” the IMO’s target of a 40% reduction in carbon intensity by 2030.

Edvardsen appeared on the Maritime Podcast recently talking about UECC’s experience running LNG powered vessels – listen to the podcast below

Battery power on the new vessels will be used to reduce emissions further through peak shavings and for partial accommodation load and driving auxiliary equipment.

“Battery power also provides an option for reducing emissions while in port, a feature that more and more cities are demanding,” Edvardsen said.

New car LNG battery hybrid vessels have a carrying capacity of 3,600 units over 10 decks.

Looking ahead UECC is exploring biofuels and synthetic fuels to further reduce emissions.

"We aim to be in front of the move to sustainability in shipping. This is the motivation behind our decision to invest in dual-fuel solutions for these newbuildings,” said Edvardsen.