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Podcast: In Focus - Bunker Optimisation with StormGeo

In this latest episode of the Seatrade Maritime Podcast, we discuss the commercial and operational benefits of bunker planning tools with Christian Plum, Head of Bunker Product at StormGeo.

Bunkering has become a more complicated area of the industry over the past decade with the introduction of new fuels and fuel grades, a trend set to continue as the industry looks ahead at a multi-fuel future to meet zero carbon targets.

Christian explains the myriad factors affecting bunker procurement decisions as well as the regulatory compliance burden involved in bunkering. As complexity continues to increase, Christian explains how planning tools can help enable better decision in bunkering, bringing cost and emissions advantages.

We also take a quick look at what the future may hold for StormGeo’s bunker offerings as the dust settles on StormGeo’s acquisition of BunkerMetric and Alfa Laval’s acquisition of StormGeo.


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