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Tankers International launches fixture app CII feature

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VLCC pool Tankers International has added a Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) feature to its fixture app.

The feature will use Tankers International’s data to calculate indicative CII scores for fixtures, benchmarking a vessel against its closest peer in the pool’s historical data.

Charlie Grey, Chief Operating Officer, Tankers International, said: "Many people are still uncertain about how to keep up with shipping's latest regulation, and we recognise the importance and need for quality data, faster to support decision making for shipowners, charterers and brokers.

“We foresee CII ratings impacting commercial decisions across the sector this year, and providing access to this voyage specific CII information will support key market stakeholders – helping them adhere to decarbonisation regulations and recognise market trends more quickly."

Indicative CII scores will take into consideration an adaptive benchmark speed drawn from average historical data and adjusted for market conditions which reflect the commercial influence on vessel speed.

Tankers International said its app will allow users to see a breakdown of how a CII score was calculated, allowing shipowners to interrogate the data, see the factors affecting the CII score achieved by a vessel, and identify areas for improvement.

A feature of the app will also allow separate calculations to account for any long idle periods within a charter.

“The Tankers International VLCC fixture app's new CII functionality gives shipowners, charterers, and brokers insight into where a vessel or voyage is ranked on the CII scale, helping to make strategic chartering or operational decisions,” said Tankers International.

The app was launched in 2014 and relaunched in December 2021.