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In Conversation: Developments in maritime communications with Ben Palmer from Inmarsat

The maritime communications space is experiencing massive demand growth for both crew welfare and business applications so what will the future look like?

In this latest episode of the Seatrade Maritime Podcast we talk to Ben Palmer, President of maritime business for Inmarsat, about the fast-changing landscape for communications in the industry.

“One of the things I'd say at the outset is that I was struck when I came into the industry was a slightly binary sense that people wanted to talk about LEO or GEO, as if they were somehow mutually exclusive or there wasn't going to be room for both,” Ben says in a conversation Marcus Hand, Editor of Seatrade Maritime News.

“I think the, the reality, and this is sort of playing out over time is demand for capacity is growing massively across the maritime segment as it is actually across the wider economy. We are seeing demand for crew and business applications risen by 70% and 50%, respectively over the last couple of years.”

The discussion between Ben and Marcus covers:

  • Inmarsat’s merger with Viasat and what this means to the company and its customers.
  • The rise of LEO constellations and combining with Inmarsat’s GEO offerings as an orchestrated network
  • Developing a 5G over water service
  • Managed services and software provision
  • The outlook for maritime communications

Learn about these topics and much more by listening to the episode now

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