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Navtor unveils new real-time ship performance optimisation system

Photo: NAVTOR Tor Svanes, NAVTOR - data the key to enabling smarter shipping - Reupload - 20210131164711085 (1).jpg
Norway-based e-navigation specialist, Navtor, has released a new ship performance optimisation and fleet management system, NavFleet, based on a cyber secure platform which simultaneously integrates real-time data from ships, fleets, company offices and other business-critical sources within one shoreside application.

The company claims that a new level of real-time operational insight for owners of ships across all sizes and segments will enhance performance and improve decision making.

Navtor’s ceo, Tor Svanes, explained. “Using our cyber secure certified gateway, NavBox, and cloud computing resources, we can enable remote teams to work as one – accessing data relating to, for example, vessel sensors, weather, passage planning, route optimisation, engine and fuel consumption, in real time.”

Users have a simplified interface where everything is connected, he said, instead of collecting and analysing data streams in isolation.

As well as monitoring engine revs, speed, fuel consumption and other variables, perhaps indicating over time that a ship’s hull and propeller need cleaning and polishing, for example, the system is designed to generate key reports automatically. From later this year, automatic EU monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of carbon dioxide emissions will be possible, as well as Data Collection System reports, as required by the IMO.

“We see this as a natural progression for Navtor,” Svanes declared, “and a further means of translating some of the principal benefits we’ve brought to e-navigation into the context of overall fleet and business management. This is a new chapter for our company and, we believe, an essential application for enabling smarter, more sustainable and profitable shipping organisations.”

NavFleet - complete control, optimal insights.jpg

Last August, Accel-KKR (AKKR), a Silicon Valley, software-focused private equity company, made a “majority growth investment” in Navtor. Speaking at the time, Maurice Hernandez, AKKR’s European office head, commented: “The sheer size of the global maritime industry and the continuing digitisation of fleets bode well for the future of Navtor. Pairing [its] mission-critical software and the deep domain expertise of its management team with AKKR’s know-how in accelerating growth in software companies will lead to exciting outcomes for the marketplace and customers.” 

Ten-year-old Navtor has eight full-time offices, distributors in 20 countries and product and services installations on more than 7,000 vessels.

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