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Despite rise in 2013, tanker spills still trending downwards

Despite rise in 2013, tanker spills still trending downwards
Data from ITOPF shows large spills from tankers were up in 2013, with three spills over 700 tonnes.

The figure follows a record breaking year in 2012, will zero large spills recorded and the lowest spill volumes since records began in 1970.

The three large spills in 2013 were the capsizing and sinking of Yong Win 3 with 5,000 tonnes of diesel oil and spillages of 1,000 tonnes of fuel oil and 800 tonnes of bitumen in unrelated incidents.

Despite the increase over 2012 and 2011's results, the total volume of spills so far this decade is a sixth of the that recorded in the same period ten years ago.

"These incidents illustrate the unpredictability of spills and the importance of preparing to respond to the range of oils involved." ITOPF commented.