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IBIA joins Trident Alliance amid sulphur cap enforcement concerns

IBIA joins Trident Alliance amid sulphur cap enforcement concerns
The International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) has joined the Trident Alliance over shared concerns about enforcement of the upcoming 0.5% Global Sulphur Cap.

IBIA plans to work with the Trident Alliance to promote a level playing field across the industry, the organisation said. IBIA ceo Peter Hall said that consistent enforcement of the sulphur cap would be key to its success.

“By speaking with a united voice we can press for transparent and robust enforcement of sulphur regulations, which will address those that try to evade the system rather than penalise minor transgressions,” said Hall. “It makes sense on so many levels to join in partnership with the Trident Alliance.

“We share concerns about the impact that a lack of enforcement will have on society, the environment and a well-founded marine industry,” Hall added.

Following the 1 January 2015 entry into force of the 0.1% Sulphur Cap in northern Europe, the enforcement of which many had predicted would be patchy and inconsistent, Trident Alliance chair Anna Larsson said that “significant gaps remain”.

“The enforcement challenges of the ECA zones pale in comparison to what authorities will face at the implementation of the Global Sulphur Cap,” said Larsson. “Given how critical it is for both environment and business, this challenge cannot be shied away from no matter how difficult it may be to resolve.”

“Together, both IBIA and the Trident Alliance can reach further and be more effective in our work for robust enforcement of sulphur regulations.”