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IUMI warns of short-term pain from container weighing regulations

IUMI warns of short-term pain from container weighing regulations
The International Union of Marine Insurers (IUMI) is backing new regulations for container weighing, but also warns of short-term upheaval when enforcement starts on 1 July.

IUMI said it “strong supports” the amendment to SOLAS for the verification of the gross mass (VGM) of containers, however, warned of short-term pain across the supply chain with neither all shipping and logistics companies or shippers ready for the regulation.

Issues highlighted by IUMI include increased in risk exposure due to disturbances in the supply chain, unweighed containers being refused on board with delays for perishables or time-sensitive cargoes, and as result more containers languishing unloaded in ports.

“We urge all stakeholders to prepare as best they can for this regulation as it is likely to cause short-term upheaval,” said IUMI’s Political Forum chairperson, Helle Hammer.

“More importantly, all stakeholders must be aware of the insurance implications – which can change from region to region - if they find themselves in breach of the new regulation, particularly ship’s masters who are likely to come under pressure to accept containers without the approved weight verification.”

Once fully implemented though IUMI believes the regulation will significantly contribute to the safety of seafarers, ships and their cargoes. “A number of recent maritime catastrophes can be attributed to mis-declared cargo and it is hoped that the new regulation will help save lives and reduce hull and cargo losses in the future,” it said.