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MOL Comfort tow resumes

MOL Comfort tow resumes
Towing of the wreck of the MOL Comfort in the Indian Ocean has resumed.

Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) said that following the loss of the tow line on 1 July recovery work had been completed the fore section of the vessel was again being towed to the Arabian Gulf.

The 7,041 teu MOL Comfort split in two in bad weather in the Indian Ocean on 17 June.

The aft section of the vessel sank on 27 June, in water depth of 4,000 m with roughly 1,700 containers onboard. MOL said there was no oil leakage from the wreck or floating containers.

Six sister vessels of the MOL Comfort, all built at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries are being taken out of service for hull strengthening.

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