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Warning on shipboard barbeque dangers after seafarers suffer serious burns

Warning on shipboard barbeque dangers after seafarers suffer serious burns
It might appear self-evident that using paint thinner to light a barbecue onboard a merchant vessel is a bad idea. However, it appears this is exactly what some crew have been doing resulting serious consequences with seafarers suffering second and third degree burns.

The Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) issued a circular last week warning that it was important to recognise the dangers of shipboard barbecues.

“Several incidents involving make-shift barbecue pits have occurred recently onboard ships causing a fire or explosion at the site, resulting in the officers and crew receiving secondand thirddegree burns. The officers and crew have had to be evacuated from the vessel and received extensive treatment ashore,” the circular stated.

It said investigations showed that paint thinner had been used to either light or sustain the fire in the barbecue pit. It was not revealed what type of vessels were involved in the incident.

“Shipowners and Masters are reminded that the conduct of barbecue parties, where permitted by company’s Safety Management System (SMS), should be given due consideration on the risks of fire and explosion when lighting such fires,” the MPA said.