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In Focus: The human element in maritime training and safety

The latest episode of the Seatrade Maritime Podcast delves into the crucial topic of seafarer training with John Abate, Head of Training at Northern Marine Group.

Talking with Seatrade Maritime News Correspondent Paul Bartlett, John shares perspectives on the rapid technological advancements impacting the maritime sector, from sustainable propulsion options to the digitalisation of operations.

He highlights the importance of developing competencies that extend beyond compliance, emphasizing the role of immersive, team-based training in enhancing crew safety and operational efficiency.

The conversation also explores the evolving skill sets required for tomorrow's seafarers, the implications of a multi-fuel future, and the integration of continuous professional development to stay current.

Discussion also turns to autonomous shipping looking at the trials of remote-controlled ships in the offshore wind industry and how these could develop into fully autonomous vessels overt time.

Listen now on the player above or the app of your choice below for a deep dive into the future of seafarer training

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