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Nachipa expanding into Europe, moving to asset light business model

Photo: Nachipa NACHIPA-SIMIAN-CEO (002).JPEG
Felipe Simian, ceo of Nachipa
Chilean dry bulk shipping company Naviera Chilena del Pacifico (Nachipa), is opening its first European office in Hamburg as it moves to an asset-light business model.

Nachipa, a specialist in the global transportation of dry bulk commodities, has launched its new brand ‘Cargo First’ to coincide with a fresh business focus that is taking a cargo-first approach, reducing its owned fleet, and expanding its global operations.

Formed in 1948 and still family-owned, Nachipa also announced the opening of Nachipa’s first European office in Hamburg, Germany and along with the move to an asset-light model.

 The dry bulk ship owner currently operates 10 handysize vessels with an average age of five years on mid- and long-term contracts, and also typically controls an additional two to four ships on a spot basis.  The company transports approximately 3m metric tonnes of dry bulk cargoes annually.

In the coming years, Nachipa plans to expand its operations to meet the growing demand for modern supramaxes and ultramaxes, and aims to triple its tonnage under management, as well as open its first Asian office.

“The market has been tough for the past few years and the global pandemic has added to the challenge. We are looking forward to a healthier market in the not-so-distant future. It’s been a difficult period, but our transition to an asset-light, cargo-focused model and expansion into new regions is enabling us to ride out the storm, as well as making us more resilient to unexpected market conditions,” said said Felipe Simian, ceo of Nachipa.

“We are cautiously optimistic about next year and ready to seize the opportunities when they arrive,”.

Nachipa’s cco Jan-Philipp Rauno, added: “Today, our activities are concentrated in the Americas, but our new office in Hamburg, Germany places us at the very heart of the European transhipment trade, and brings us closer to our customers and partners as we expand our quality-first strategy globally. Nachipa’s asset-light approach allows us to be reactive, flexible, and adaptive to change.”

The company’s vessels trade worldwide and provide intelligent transportation solutions to a diverse group of customers, including miners, producers, traders and end receivers. Nachipa’s main cargoes are grain, coal, and iron ore, as well as fertilisers, steel products, pet-coke, cement, and forest products.


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