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Alfa Laval adds fifth system to PureBallast 3 range with higher flow rate

Alfa Laval has added a fifth system to its PureBallast 3 range of ballast water management systems that has a large flow rate of 1,500 m3/h.

The new 1,500 m3/h UV reactor size is designed for tankers and other vessels with a high flow rate. The 1500 m3/h reactor will join an existing PureBallast 3 range that comprises 170, 300, 600 and 1000 m3/h reactor sizes.

“Many ship owners are reconsidering what they’ve been told about ballast water treatment for large flows,” said Anders Lindmark, head of Alfa Laval PureBallast. “Heating needs, tanks for high-salinity water and the management of chemicals add size, complexity and cost for electrochlorination systems. PureBallast 3 is already highly competitive for large flows – and will be even more so with the 1,500 m3/h reactor.”

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Alfa Laval said the 1,500 m3/h system, the new reactor will mean not only a reduction in footprint, but also improved operating expendisture through a reduction in power consumption.

“With five reactor sizes, we can fine-tune PureBallast 3 systems for any flow range,” said Lindmark. “When it comes to ballast water treatment for large flows, the 1500 m3/h reactor doesn’t just strengthen our offering. It truly changes the equation for UV.”

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