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Podcast - In Focus: ESG and ship salvage

In this latest episode of the Seatrade Maritime Podcast we focus on the impact ESG is having on the salvage sector with guest Gina Panayiotou from the West of England P&I Club.

Environmental, social, governance, or ESG, is touching all parts of business today including perhaps some less obviously on the agenda such as the salvage sector.

In this episode Marcus Hand, Editor of Seatrade Maritime News, talks to Gina about the impact ESG is having on salvage and different parties in the sector need to do be doing.

Marcus and Gina discuss:

  • The natural link between salvage and ESG
  • ESG and the recovery of the FSO Safer
  • Standards for ESG in salvage
  • The role of shipowners and operators
  • Transparency in salvage operations
  • Risks from cargoes such as lithium batteries and alternative fuels

Listen to the full conversation now in the player above or the app of your choice below 

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