Future-proof and cost-saving flexibility for closed-loop scrubbing with PureSOx

Marine businesses are focused on complying with today’s needs at minimal cost, which explains the popularity of open-loop scrubber systems. But the appearance of local bans on open-loop scrubbing have intensified the interest in hybrid scrubber solutions with closed-loop functionality. Simply put, there is peace of mind in the ability to upgrade.

Alfa Laval PureSOx offers two possibilities for closed-loop scrubbing. Customers can choose a fully equipped hybrid scrubber system today. But they can also install an open-loop system that is hybrid-ready, which can be upgraded for closed-loop operation later.

Further adding to the flexibility is the new PureSOx water cleaning system (WCS). This modular, customer-adapted solution makes closed-loop operation with PureSOx even more cost-efficient.

Options for greater capacity, economy and safety

The new PureSOx WCS remains grounded in high-speed centrifugal separation, the most effective method of cleaning water at sea and a core technology in which Alfa Laval has over a century of experience. Added to the system are new options, such as a flocculator or a membrane module, for expanding capacity directly or through a later upgrade.

Combined with the centrifugal separator, such modular additions allow the best and most cost-effective fit for a given vessel’s needs. For example, for a vessel with high engine power, such as a mega-container vessel or cruise ship, the addition of membranes will increase the volume of water that can be cleaned effectively.

Still more benefits are achieved through new features:

  • Either NaOH or non-hazardous Mg(OH)2 can be used as the alkaline additive, based on which is desired or most affordable at the time.
  • The water system can be replenished with seawater, which yields lower energy costs by avoiding additional fresh water generation on board.

A flexible hybrid offering – proven in 10 years at sea

With the new capabilities of the PureSOx WCS, Alfa Laval adds to an already strong hybrid system offering. Hybrid PureSOx systems have excelled in a decade at sea, ever since the very first PureSOx system – also a hybrid – set sail on DFDS Ficaria Seaways in 2009.

For those who hesitate to commit to a hybrid today, but who still wish to future-proof their scrubber investment, Alfa Laval provides PureSOx systems as hybrid ready. This is standard for Alfa Laval’s open-loop deliveries. Hybrid-ready systems include the connections, hardware accommodations and software flexibility needed for a later hybrid upgrade, which can be done at a shipyard quay or in some cases while the vessel is sailing.

“PureSOx customers can be confident of complying with stricter regulations if they appear,” says Erik Haveman, Sales Director, Exhaust Gas Cleaning at Alfa Laval. “Whether they choose a fully equipped hybrid system now or opt for a hybrid-ready system that can be upgraded later, they can count on the most effective water cleaning technology available. Alfa Laval has ten years of closed-loop operating experience to prove it.”

To learn more about Alfa Laval PureSOx and Alfa Laval’s approach to exhaust gas cleaning, visit www.alfalaval.com/puresox


Posted 12 September 2019

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