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OCIMF launches all user beta-test of digital SIRE 2.0

Photo: OCIMF OCIMF Aaron Cooper
The OCIMF has begun Phase 3 of its digitalised Ship Inspection Report Programme (SIRE 2.0), enabling all programme users to carry out ‘beta-testing’ of the new inspection regime before the analog version is withdrawn.

OCIMF is a voluntary association of oil companies engaged in the shipment and terminal operations of crude oil, products, petrochemicals, and gas, and includes companies engaged in offshore marine operations supporting oil and gas exploration, development, and production.

SIRE 2.0 is a digitalised and enhanced version of the widely used tanker inspection programme, SIRE, and has been introduced in stages over the past year. In the latest Phase 3, all vessel operators, programme recipients and submitting companies will have the opportunity to test the new programme and familiarise themselves with the new SIRE 2.0 process.

OCIMF has told its members and programme users that this will be the only opportunity to test the SIRE 2.0 inspection setup and identify possible areas for improvement prior to the system becoming the standard commercial tanker inspection regime. At that point, Phase 4, the SIRE Vessel Inspection Questionnaire (VIQ7) will be withdrawn.

The digital SIRE 2.0 inspections will be conducted in real time, with inspectors completing a Compiled Vessel Inspection Questionnaire (CVIQ) on a tablet. Every tanker inspection will be designed for a specific vessel, with questions drawn from the ‘SIRE 2.0 Question Library’. An algorithm will be used to select appropriate questions based on vessel type and its outfitting and operational history, enabling the creation of a one-time CVIQ.

OCIMF Programmes Director, Aaron Cooper, commented: SIRE 2.0 represents a seismic shift in the way tanker inspections will be conducted which is why we have taken a gradual approach to rolling out the new programme. Having successfully completed end-to-end trial inspections with a sample group, we’ve now reached a critical milestone; giving all programme users the opportunity to trial SIRE 2.0 inspections in Phase 3 of the roll-out. 

“Programme users have been working exceptionally hard to familiarise themselves with all the resources and training materials developed to support the new inspection regime, and for that we are very grateful,” he continued. “This trial inspection period coupled with the anonymisation of reports allows all users to put theory into practice with no commercial implications. We strongly encourage all programme users to participate.”

OCIMF has a range of documentation and training resources available on its website. These have been designed to ensure that personnel at sea and on shore are fully prepared for the new SIRE 2.0 regime.