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Indonesia’s Banten port to digitalise towage and pilotage operations

Photo: Innovez One tugs.jpg
Indonesia’s port of Banten is looking to digitalise its towage and pilotage operations under a deal to implement Innovez One’s marineM digital technology.

Innovez One, provider of port management software, said Banten port is the 4th port in Indonesia to adopt the marineM digital technology.

Innovez One will deliver the complete set of marineM modules to the port, including an AI-powered port management information system for managing seaports and nautical services operators’ entire operations from ordering booking, resources planning, dispatch and billing.

The marineM modules will be fully operational by February 2021.

“Our marineM solution will make an immediate difference by turning complex, manual tasks into a streamlined, efficient process underpinned by cutting-edge digital innovation from Innovez One that will enable port of Banten to achieve its strategic objective,” said David Yeo, group ceo and founder of Innovez One.

Optimising towage and pilotage operations digitally is a critical challenge for ports around the world. With systems often relying on physical paper trails, whiteboards and excel sheets, inefficient planning of these critical resources, inaccuracies in recording key details, and billing problems often become the cause of disputes and hinder the strategic importance to increase efficiency in the port as well to reduce the emissions.

Innovez One said its solution has been proven to save significant time and costs as well as lower greenhouse gas emissions thanks to reduced fuel consumption of tugboats and be more efficient to take vessels to the berth.

“For too long advanced technology that improves efficiencies, profitability and sustainability, has only been reserved for the larger top-tier ports around the world. This does not need to be the case. Our software and solutions can unlock the opportunities of digitalisation right now for the mid-sized and smaller ports which account for over 80% of the market. Our mission is to help this 80% reap the benefits that digitalisation brings, so they can improve the efficiency and sustainability of their operations, as well as increase their profitability, commercial success, and competitiveness in the eyes of their customers,” Yeo said.

“Currently, many operators in the towage and pilotage industries rely on manual, paper-based processes or Excel spreadsheets to arrange and execute jobs. Digitising these processes can deliver substantial cost savings every year for ports and tug fleets, as well as giving them close control over their operations and providing crews with the right support that they need,” he explained.

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