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Sedna launches AI-driven solution for charterers

Photo: Sedna Bill Dobie founder and CEO of Sedna
Bill Dobie founder and CEO of Sedna
Digital maritime technology company Sedna is launching a chartering solution designed to unlock market data from email inboxes.

The new product Pulse is backed by Sedna’s AI sits on top of the charterer’s email box and is designed to extract data from the thousands of emails they receive per day containing market and position data.

Sedna’s Founder and CEO, Bill Dobie, said: “Digitalisation has taken over maritime in the last decade, however, there remains a significant digital gap for charterers. They are stuck with ‘inbox overload’, spending hours each day wading through messages and preventing them from doing their jobs effectively.”

According to Sedna Pulse is designed to draw out the necessary information from emails a single, consolidated and filterable overview to enable faster decision making. It said that the solution is already being trialled by some of its global customers in the chartering space.

“We want to tackle this with Pulse, building on email to become the go-to solution which puts control into the hands of charterers so that they feel confident they’re making the best deals,” Dobie said.

Pulse will also leverage tools from other companies that Sedna partners with Signal, Spot Ship and ZeroNorth, as well as vessel insights from integration with RightShip and Lloyd’s List Intelligence.

Søren Meyer, CEO, ZeroNorth, said: “As the shipping industry grapples with the increasing complexity of achieving its decarbonisation and profit goals, it’s critical that we’re able to turn the data at our fingertips into actions across the global trade value chain. That’s why we are proud to partner with Sedna and continue working with them to closely integrate our technology solutions, because we know that our shared vision of a more intelligent industry is only possible if leaders work together.”

Spot Ship struck a partnership with Sedna last year for its AI email parser solution. Speaking about the launch of Pulse by Sedna James Kellett, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Spot Ship told Seatrade Maritme News, "This product is the primary goal behind our partnership announced last year. We feel Pulse is a great product that enables charterers to get the most out of data from their emails in a seamlessly integrated way."