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Shipping not included in final text of COP21 agreement

Shipping not included in final text of COP21 agreement
The shipping industry has been left out of the final agreement for COP21 on climate change agreed on Saturday.

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) tweeted: “It seems no explicit mention of shipping in final UNFCCC text, but work will continue at IMO with industry encouragement and support.”

It added that it would be reviewing the implications from the full and final COP21.

Environmental groups had been pushing hard for the inclusion of emissions targets for both shipping and aviation in the COP21 agreement. The shipping and aviation industries had been included in an earlier draft but were dropped last week.

However, industry groups such as ICS argued that an industry could not be treated in the same way as nation state and the role for setting targets lay solely with the IMO.

Not all in the industry were against the inclusion of shipping in COP21.

Anne H. Steffensen, ceo and director-general of the Danish Shipowners Association also commented on Twitter that it was sad that shipping was not included and it required action from the IMO as soon as possible.