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Another boxport slated for the Malacca Strait

Article-Another boxport slated for the Malacca Strait

Another boxport slated for the Malacca Strait

Jakarta: Karimun in Riau Islands province, Indonesia will commence construction of a container terminal this year in a bid to promote its status as a special economic zone.
Funds for the construction of the 70-hectare container port will be derived from the state and provincial budgets and total Rp 27 billion (approximately US$3 million) and Rp 32 billion respectively.
Located on the northern tip of the island facing the Malacca Strait and Singapore, the container port is expected to lure foreign investors from neighboring countries.
Karimun Vice Regent Aunur Rofiq told The Jakarta Post recently that the regency would embark on two other vital infrastructure projects this year -- the Sei Bati Airport extension development, with its runway being lengthened from 900 meters to 1,300 meters, and the construction of a 30-megawatt power generating station by the private sector.
"As an island regency we are compelled to build the first container port this year. The port thus far is just a traditional cargo port whose condition is no longer viable and is unable to accommodate big tankers and vessels," said Aunur.
The administration has begun coastal reclamation work for the industrial area and completed a highway network to the port.
The regency hopes the projects will attract more foreign investors here, given that Karimun is very close to Singapore.
Karimun with a total population of 205,400 was made an autonomous regency in 1999 and covers 245 islets which are part of the Riau archipelago and is divided into nine subdistricts.
Its major islands are Karimun Besar, where the capital is located, Kundur and Sugi.  [05/02/08]

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