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Zamil Offshore – largest offshore services provider in the Middle East

 Acknowledged today as the largest provider of offshore and marine services in the Middle East, Zamil Offshore Services was founded in 1977 as a 100% Saudi company working in diversified business fields. Its scope of work covers offshore marine services, ship chandling, ship chartering, offshore hook-up projects, offshore shipbuilding, ship & rig repairs, and sea ports operation and management.

“We own and operate the largest specialised offshore fleet in the region, with most vessels on long-term charter to Saudi Aramco, and a few to companies in Qatar and the UAE,” says chairman Zamil Al Zamil.

“We also provide navigation and pilotage services at King Abdulaziz Port in Dammam. With our dedicated shipyard, we are the premier shipbuilder in Saudi Arabia and the most respected offshore rig-repairer in the Kingdom.”

Zamil’s newbuilding order-book is impressive, and includes seven Rolls Royce UT 722-2 AHTS vessels, one buoy-handling vessel and three harbor service tugs for the Saudi Seaports Authority; two tugs for the Saudi Royal Navy and one diving support vessel for a Saudi owner who has requested anonymity.

The Marine Operations division is one of the largest specialised offshore and marine services providers in the Middle East. It owns and operates the largest specialised offshore fleet in the Arabian Gulf, with most of the vessels being on long-term charter to Saudi Aramco, and a few being on short-term charter to companies in Qatar and the UAE.


The Shipbuilding, Ship & Rig Repair division manages and operates Zamil Shipyard, located inside Dammam port, with facilities spread over 121,400 sq metres, and with a 500-metre waterfront. The yard has a ship lift, which can handle vessels up to 1500 tons, 80 metres in length and 15 metres in breadth.

Zamil’s Engineering & Construction Services division works in the specialised field of offshore hook-up projects with Saudi Aramco. It has a seven-year contract for the maintenance, upgrade, modification and commissioning support for Aramco’s rigs and platforms in the Arabian Gulf.

Zamil Offshore operates the navigation and pilotage at King Abdulaziz Port in Dammam, serving about 2,400 vessels calling annually. It operates the navigation tower and nine harbor tugs, two pilot boats, one fire boat, one oil skimmer, one floating crane and one garbage collection barge.

“Being the largest offshore services provider in the Middle East, supported by over four decades of experience, we are confident of being able to diversify internationally with other partners,” says Sufiyan Al Zamil, president of Zamil Offshore.

“We are considering partnership, alliances and joint ventures with multinational companies in Europe, South East Asia and the Far East.”