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In conversation with Quintin V. Kneen, President & CEO of Tidewater

One of the world’s largest offshore vessel owners Tidewater was a driver of consolidation in the sector towards the end of a lengthy downturn.

“At that time, people weren't as convinced that the industry was ever going to recover, and that's very natural when you go through a long down cycle. And, so, there were a lot of questions as to whether or not the industry would continue on and resurge as it has. I always believed that it would, I wasn't sure exactly when, but I'm pleased that it's come to fruition in that way,” Quintin V. Kneen, President & CEO of Tidewater, tells the Seatrade Maritime Podcast.

In this latest episode we are in conversation with Quintin V. Kneen who joined Tidewater through its merger with GulfMark Offshore in 2018, the first part of that consolidation piece. Following this he led the company through the acquisition of Swire Pacific Offshore and the Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) fleet of Solstad.

Talking with Marcus Hand, Editor of Seatrade Maritime News, Quintin takes the listener through the ups and downs of the acquisition process and the business strategy underpinning them.

Quintin discusses future opportunities in an improved market and whether it is yet the right time to take the plunge on newbuildings.

This leads the conversation into decarbonisation and its impact both on Tidewater’s own fleet and new business opportunities such as offshore wind and carbon capture and storage.

Where does Quintin see the offshore vessels sector in the next five to ten years? – Find out by listening to the full interview.

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