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The Maritime Podcast

Podcast: In conversation with Punit Oza on mentorship

In this latest episode of the Maritime Podcast Seatrade Maritime News Editor Marcus Hand sat down with Punit Oza, a well-known senior executive in Singapore and beyond to talk about an issue for which he has a real passion – mentorship.

Having lunch a few months back with Punit Oza we got to talking about the topic of mentorship, something clearly close to heart. With a career that has spanned dry cargo shipping and chartering, digitalisation and arbitration,and currently hold the roles of Executive Director at the Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration and a Director with Klaveness Asia, he clearly has a wide range of experience to draw on.

Talking with him it was obvious mentorship was not just an HR tick box type exercise to him. but something in which he has made a real personal investment of time and effort. It is not though a subject ideally suited to the short, written news story, it is one where you need to hear Punit Oza’s passion for the topic, so when we started the Maritime Podcast in conversation series he was high on my list people to talk to.

Last week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Punit Oza to talk about the mentorship he received early in his career, why he feels it so important today, and working with others in the industry create a mentorship scheme.

Listen to the podcast with Punit Oza using the player above this article.


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