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Ronan Keating mistakes Singapore’s busy port for queues of tankers due to coronavirus

Irish singer Ronan Keating set Singapore netizens abuzz when he a posted a picture on Instagram of the port’s always busy anchorages saying they were tankers not allowed to dock due to the coronavirus.

The singer posted a picture on 1 March (since removed) taken from airplane of the anchorage off the Marina Bay area to the south of Singapore’s Central Business District. “A snapshot of some of the Tankers held in Singapore not allowed to dock because of the virus,” Keating commented in the post.


Clearly not a shipspotter Keating was obviously unaware that as one of the busiest ports in the world offshore Singapore looks like this 365 days a year, or 366 days being a leap year. Many of the ships in the picture also appeared to be geared bulkers.

The Maritime & Port authority of Singapore moved to politely correct the singer in his erroneous post with its own post on Instagram on Monday saying they were “glad” he had caught a glimpse of the country’s busy port and that to date no vessels had been turned away due to the coronavirus.