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The evolution of vessel inspections with George Haysom, Idwal

Seatrade Maritime Podcast host Gary Howard, Correspondent for Seatrade Maritime, speaks with George Haysom, Chief Commercial Officer at Idwal to discuss the latest developments in the ship inspection space.

The conversation covers the role of vessel inspections in ensuring vessel safety and efficiency, and how inspection data can enable better performance and improved visibility of fleet performance.

Idwal's new offering Idwal ID is explored in detail, including the role of collaborator shipowners in its development, the services it provides, and who benefits from its vessel and fleet insights. 

George also touches on the recent addition of seafarer welfare questions into Idwal's work, how that development came about, and the difference the company hopes it will make in the market.

Listen in for an update on the latest moves in the ship inspection market, where digital technologies will take the market forward, and how shipowners can benefit from this evolution. 

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