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Podcast - Special Episode: The UAE's journey to IMO Council Membership

In this episode of Seatrade Maritime Podcast In Conversation series we shed light on the United Arab Emirates' exceptional achievements, which bolster its bid for category B membership in the Council of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

The UAE has not only solidified its position as one of the world's foremost maritime hubs but has also played a pivotal role in shaping the global maritime landscape. Joining us in this enlightening conversation is H.E. Hessa AlMalek, Advisor to the Minister for Maritime Transport Affairs, The UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure who will walk us through the country's remarkable achievements in the maritime sector. 

In this episode, H.E. Hessa AlMalek delves into the following key areas: 

  • Key Factors in UAE's Maritime Prominence: Discover the crucial factors that have propelled the UAE to the forefront of the maritime sector. 
  • Economic Milestones in UAE's Maritime Journey: Explore the impressive economic growth and competitiveness that have characterized the UAE's maritime sector. 
  • The UAE's Impact at IMO: Uncover the UAE's influential presence within the International Maritime Organization and its commitment to enhancing global maritime safety and efficiency. 
  • Sustainability and Climate Neutrality: Gain insights into the UAE's sustainable initiatives and its groundbreaking national climate neutrality strategy. 

Discover more as H.E. Hessa AlMalek shares her expert insights on these critical maritime matters and more. Tune in to the complete conversation using the player above or your preferred podcast platform below:  

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Episode transcription

"Welcome to another insightful episode as part of Seatrade Maritime In Conversation podcast series. I'm your guest host, Effat Mostafa, and today we're delving into the extraordinary maritime journey of the United Arab Emirates.

Not only the UAE has solidified its standing among the world's leading maritime hubs, but it also has been a key influencer in shaping the global maritime industry.

Today, we're privileged to have a special guest with us, H.E Engineer Hessa AlMalek, the advisor to the Minister for Maritime Transport Affairs, who will walk us through the country remarkable industry achievements.

Welcome, Your Excellency.Throughout this podcast, we will discuss the UAE journey as a maritime hub, its role in the International Maritime Organization, the economic growth, sustainability efforts, and the renewed commitment to the IMO Council this year.

Your Excellency, could you start by telling us what key factors have contributed to the UAE prominence in the maritime sector?

Absolutely, Effat. The United Arab Emirates has played a vital role in the global development of the maritime industry through our practices, decisions and legislative actions. These actions have not only fostered the growth of the sector, but have also enhanced international maritime safety standard while preserving the global maritime environment.

That's absolutely remarkable. Now, let's explore the economic side of this journey. How significant has the UAE economic maritime growth been in recent years?

The economic growth of our maritime sector have been outstanding in 2022, the maritime industry contribute to the United Arab Emirates GDP surge to 129,000,000,000 Durham, reflecting an impressive 18% increases compared to 2021.

This growth have been complemented by our strong standing in global competitiveness indicators within the maritime sector.

Impressive numbers indeed. And now, could you please elaborate on the UAE stellar presence in the International Maritime Organization?

Certainly. Our commitment to the IMO is unwavering.Through our membership in the IMO Council, we actively collaborate with our other member states to advance the global maritime sector and the shipping industry.

Our mission is collective to promote the safety, security and efficiency of the maritime transport in clean ocean in alignment with the IMO's goals.

That's a commendable mission, Your Excellency.The UAE focus on sustainability is also worth highlighting. Could you tell us more about the country's sustainable initiatives and its national climate neutrality strategy?

Absolutely. Sustainability is a core commitment. The UAE is among the first in the region to declare a national climate neutrality strategy. We aim to reduce emission by 40% by 2030 and achieve net zero carbon emission by 2050.

This approach involves government organization, national ship operation, seaport, shipyards and research centers, all in line with the international agreement and the UAE's 50 years charter. We have also launched the UAE Maritime Decarbonization Center in partnership with DNV as a first-of-its-kind facility in the MENA region and fourth globally. The center aimes to promote the sustainable practices, technology and policies in the maritime sector, driving research, innovation and collaboration among key stakeholders.

These are incredible efforts. Now, let's discuss the key renewed commitment to the IMO Council. What drives the country aspiration to continue its role in the Council?

Our Aspiration is driven by our comprehensive model as a flag state, a port state and a coastal state. Coupled with being one of the world's largest energy producers, the UAE is dedicated to upholding its role, offering the capabilities and unique resource to serve the maritime sector and support the objective of the IMO.

Thank you, Your Excellency, for sharing these valuable insights into the UAE maritime sector and its continued commitment to the industry.

It has been a pleasure having you on Seatrade Maritime Podcast and to our listeners, thank you for joining us in this episode.

We hope you have gained a deeper understanding of the UAE maritime achievement and the country's significant role in the global maritime industry. Stay tuned for more captivating maritime stories."