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Shipyards on Shanghai Changxing island plan production restart

Photo: CSSC Jiangnan Changxing Jiangnan Changxing workers preparing to restart production
Jiangnan Changxing workers preparing to restart production
Large manufacturing companies based on Shanghai Changxing island, including the shipyards and equipment manufacturing bases, are planning to restart production.

Even though Shanghai remains under lockdown with most the cities 25m population confined to their residences the city government is pushing for some major companies to restart production.

Included among these are shipyards CSSC Jiangnan Shipyard, Cosco Shipping Heavy Industry, and port equipment manufacturer Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery, the latter which remained operational through the lockdown.

Shanghai-based CSSC Jiangnan Shipyard said it is ready for the production resumption. The shipyard is running the production resumption pressure test covering shipyard production and daily routines for staff. The shipyard will gradually bring production back online if nothing unusual happens during the pressure testing period. 

Before returning to the workplace, all the shipyard staff will need to provide Covid-19 negative tests for the past seven days, and do another test within 24 hours after entering into the shipyard. 

Where production has either resumed or continued through the Shanghai lockdown it has been carried out through a closed loop system where workers both work and live on site.

Meanwhile, Cosco Shipping Heavy Industry, the shipbuilding unit of Cosco Shipping, located at Changxing island, has also started operations for some parts of its business.

The world’s largest port equipment manufacturer, Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery, maintained operations of its branch at Changxing island during the recent Shanghai covid-outbreak.

After nearly one-month city lockdown, Shanghai is promoting the operation and production resumption for some major companies, although there are reports of supply chain disruptions causing parts shortages for some factories.