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Whitepaper: Recovering the shaft line after a ground

Whitepaper: Recovering the shaft line after a ground

From run aground to up and running

A grounding is one of the most dangerous and potentially damaging incidents that can happen to a vessel. Even minor contacts to the propeller or hull bottom can cause knock-on effects which, left undiagnosed, can be as costly as the immediate damage caused by more serious groundings.

Damage to the shaft line is a prime example. An owner may not want to take a vessel out of action after a grounding if there is no obvious damage. But if the shaft line has been affected, seemingly small maintenance issues – such as bearings that fail quicker than usual – can be symptoms of misalignment that can quickly lead to bigger problems, including fracture cracks in the propeller shaft or even main engine bearing damage.

Owners face a dilemma. On one hand they must maximise their ability to earn revenue by keeping assets running. But failing to find the root cause of alignment issues can ultimately be even more costly. Owners and operators need a partner that can provide a fast, full analysis and be trusted to manage speedy and accurate repairs.

Wärtsilä Shaft Line Repair Services were designed for exactly this kind of challenging, rapid-response project, bringing together Wärtsilä’s expertise in shaft alignment, field services, seals and bearings. Coordinated by some of the most experienced project managers in the business. Wärtsilä Shaft Line Repair Services will get you from run aground to up and running in the fastest possible time while also safeguarding the long-term health of your vessel’s shaft line equipment.

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