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Greek shipowners call for governments to back IMO green transition policies

Photo: UGS Melina_Travlou_UGS.JPG
Melina Travlou, President of UGS
The Union of Greek Shipowners (UGS) has appealed to national governments to support the IMO decisions taken to tackle the green transition so that they are universally accepted.

It has also called for a common approach to regional measures, such as the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

Addressing the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP 28) held in Dubai, UGS president, Melina Travlou, said: "We cannot even discuss, let alone succeed, with a global energy transition without shipping and its role as a catalyst in every aspect of socioeconomic change and progress."

As far as the IMO is concerned, she stressed the absence of a common approach and clear direction from governments, regulators and stakeholders adds another dimension to this unpredictable situation.

"We all have a common vision. But it often gets lost in translation. This leads to confusion, uncertainty and sometimes regional decisions. We cannot have regional solutions for a global industry and for assets that move globally. This undermines the IMO's efforts to introduce global solutions that ensure a level playing field globally," said Travlou.

She also stressed the important issue, security. "The global shift," she said, “to net zero must be made with a common denominator: the safety of people, ships and the environment. After all, people are the driving force behind our industry."

"So, today, in the Museum of the Future, I stand on this solid foundation we have built, and I invite us all to collaborate as never before, to achieve this future. The future of shipping. The future of our world. Shipping has always guided global change through motivation, determination and vision, and now it has to inspire and lead, once more. Shipping has always built bridges for growth and prosperity. This is our purpose, our duty, and our commitment to the world.”

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