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Maersk Tigris manager 'seriously concerned' for crew after Iran Navy fires on vessel

Maersk Tigris manager 'seriously concerned' for crew after Iran Navy fires on vessel
The managers of the Maersk Tigris, which was fired upon by the Iranian Navy on Tuesday, say they are seriously concerned for its crew and the incident.

Rickmers Shipmanagement, which manages the containership, said that at roughly 1255 hours local time on Tuesday the Maersk Tigris was approached in the Persian Gulf by Iranian Navy and forced for inspection at a rendezvous position in Iranian waters. “The Iranian Navy used warning shots during its approach of Maersk Tigris,” the shipmanager said.

“Rickmers Shipmanagement is seriously concerned about their crew and the incident which happened to their managed ship,” it stated. The company added that the wellbeing of the seafarers onboard the Maersk Tigris was their main priority.

“The company would like to emphasize that it takes its responsibilities as an international shipping line very seriously complying with all applicable laws and regulations and ensuring that employees are aware of those laws relevant to their roles.”

Iran’s Fars News Agency reported that the ship had been seized over outstanding payments due to Iran’s Ports and Maritime Organisation (IPMO).

"The ship was seized after a relevant court order was issued for its confiscation," it quoted a source as saying, and said he indicated that the shipowner had some long-standing overdue payments that it had to settle with IPMO.

The US instructed destroyer USS Farragut to head towards the Maersk Tigris after a distress call was sent out.