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PODCAST: Shipping and COVID-19 - Market and Legal Impacts

The spread of COVID-19 has become one of the biggest threats to the world as we know it. Over the last seven days alone, profound implications have been felt around the world and uncertainty grows on a seemingly daily basis.

In this podcast, Seatrade Maritime News, in association with Maritime Strategies International and Holman Fenwick Willian (HFW) focus on key shipping segments; container ships, dry bulk and oil tankers. Whilst HFW examine the legal implications of COVID-19 in shipping, as well as declaring Force Majeure, ‘Frustration’ Clauses and Ports, Deviation and Quarantine of Ships followed by operational and regulatory compliance.

What does it mean for the global economy? How is it impacting the global supply chain? What it the best-case scenario, and what is the worst-case scenario for the global shipping industry, where 90% of global trade is facilitated?

Our latest webinar will offer a chance to navigate the implications of COVID-19 upon our industry, get your biggest questions answered and gain indispensable insight into one of the biggest challenges we have ever faced.

Led by David Jordan, Regional Director, Asia, Maritime Strategies International (MSI) and Toby Stephens, Partner with HFW in Singapore, join us as we examine the current situation, analyse its impact and take a deep-dive into what the outlook really means for the global shipping market.

Explore the potential impact COVID-19 will have on the demand and supply dynamics for key shipping sectors, and what this means for charter markets and asset prices, compared with a ‘severe escalation’ scenario calculated by MSI. This analysis will be combined with a legal perspective from HFW, which will explore declaring Force Majeure, infectious diseases clauses, can COVID-19 make a port unsafe and risk of illness on-board a vessel


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